Jody Bone
Jody Bone

Jody Bone is a glass artist living on Whidbey Island Washington. She creates cast glass art pieces, many of primitive head or mask shapes. They are set in bases of wood, stone, or metal to compliment the glass. To see her glass work, go to www.JodyBone.com.

Jody has an extensive background in both ceramics and glass art. She is included in the new book “Women Working in Glass” by Lucartha Kohler.

She has recently published a children’s book about the process of building a house, The Little House that Grew, as well as the follow-up in coloring book form, The Little House That Grew – Coloring Book.

Jody is now working on a new series of non-narrative books using visual storytelling to help readers into greater awareness of their own potential through inspiring imagery.

The original imagery is conceptualized by Jody, and then handed to Joe Menth, who uses her sketches to bring her ideas to life. The imagery is illustrated through original image composites and complex layering in order to take a simple concept and make it awe-inspiring.

Joe Menth is co-owner of Fine Balance Imaging Studios, a printing and design studio specializing in fine art printing for artists and photographers, as well as graphic design and layout. Fine Balance also has a new online-ordering site for easy printing, Your Print Studio.com.

Joe Menth
Joe Menth

Joe recently opened an additional business with his fiancé Rhiannon Fisher, a retail “boutique of awesomeness” Feather & Fox. He also is Creative Director and Presenter of the StoryDome, a visual storytelling organization bringing about progressive social change through experiences of awe and wonder in a giant dome theater using immersive visualizations of the entire known universe.
Joe is an artist as well, using visual media of various types, including photography, encaustic painting and more.  He spends most of his time when not working, however, with his sweet fiancé Rhiannon and her two daughters.

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